Missing Content

I downloaded the file (about 21 gigabytes), installed it. When I launch Cubase 10 it gives me error messages

“VST Sound Library Halion Sonic SE GM Factory Presets Not Found”
“VST Sound Library Content Set Patches not found”

Why? I always have the same issues when I upgrade or install Cubase. I always have to manually fiddle and install content left and right.

Why this happens?

you may have to copy all the content manually from your cubase install folder and paste it in the default “vst sound” location. if you need your contect located else where then paste it there and create short cuts to paste into the default “vst sound” folder…
usually C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound.
good luck tho… most of the new content is sorted into folders so have fun creating all them short cuts…
or try asking steinberg to create am installer that gives you contect location options… like ive suggested… dont hold much hope tho…
so much for just sitting down and creating? lol

just to confuse matter worse… steinberg also put contect here
C:"User"\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound…
which is a pain if you use the windows 10 option to move your user folder to another drive like me

i think ive found a way. let cubase 10 install all the content to deault folder… then use the steinberg library manager to set a new default location and choose to move all your data… that should in theory rewrite your registry to redirect cubase to look at new location… im just toying with it now to figure it out… maybe stenberg should create a “how to” video for this manager…

Yes, in theory everything works like intended :smiley: I have now uninstalled Cubase 7.5, Cubase 8, all cubase content (except 3rd party plugins). I am going to reinstall every content. Although I don’t know If i need to install Cubase 9.5 content if I install C10 content? Does it have same contents?

I don’t know. I am too tired to fight with this issue today. Already spent 4 hours with this. I just wanted to make some music but no…

some contect is new some is the same. the library manager spots duplicates and asks if you want to delete them

FINALLY! Everything works. Took me around 5 hours. I re-installed and deleted everything twice. Now even the Hypnotic Dance plug-in works. No missing files at start-up. All plug-ins can be found.

Really, really lost my nerves with this. Again, at some point when I was re-installing for some reason the hypnotic dance expansion was not found. Well. At least it works…for now. I got rid of all old cubase versions as well at the same time.

There is a free app on windows that allow you to disable the addon text of “Shortcut” when you make a Shortcut and also to bring it back to normal.
So I can suggest you, to use an app that allowing you to do that and with a very few drags and drops you will have your Shortcuts ready ! :slight_smile: