Missing Content

Good Day, just installed Cubase Elements 1.0.10.

So far so good except for the following missing content. I assume the Cubase 10.x installer deleted these files.


Cubase was expecting to find these files in c:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\

I did do a search of the entire c:\ drive but Windows explorer did not find them.

Are these files now obsolete ? If not is it possible to download them individually from a Steinberg download site ?

Thanks in advance


Have you had previous Cubase installed (Cubase Elements 9.5 or older)? Since Cubase 10 there is only one option to install for All users. In previous Cubase versions, you could decide to install for All users, or the current user only. If you installed for the current user only an older Cubase version, there might be a conflict.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I also have Cubase Artist 7.0.7 and Elements 9.5.41 installed on the machine. When installing I always made sure to check the install for All users checkbox.

I’ve since clicked the Remove Content option so I no longer see the messages. Cubase Elements 10.x comes with tons of content anyway (15GB ) so I’ll assume those missing files were obsolete.

Should we just assume that content that cannot be found is obsolete? Did we not pay to have access to that content? Is Cubase not backwards compatible? I am facing a problem where projects made last week in 9.5 do not carry across to 10.

I thought my problem may be windows 10 specific, but here the same kind of issues are on windows 8.1.

in the 30d trial version of cubase elements 10 we are missing all VST sounds, there are none! We got an error message saying that the current project was created with the previous version of HALion Sonic SE.
Anyone can help us how to fix this? TXS!


Make sure you have installed from the Full Installer, and you installed the whole content (not just Cubase MSI, but Setup.exe). Also I would recommend to Run the Setup.exe as Administrator.

Martin thanks for your help. We ran the full installation once again (setup.exe). But the result remained the same. After that we re-installed the HalionSE VST sound again. But still nothing. Do you have any other ideas?
We do not understand how we could run the installation as administrator.


Could you please double check the content folder, if there are some *.vstsound files? If not, you can copy them manually.