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Hi im new to cubase elements 10 - when i click the loops and sample button in the media tab there is nothing there - i tried te instsalling the software but cldnt fix it

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Windows? If yes, try to reinstall Cubase. Make sure you:

  • Download Full Installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file before you install it and install from the unpacked folder.
  • Install as administrator.

Hi Martin thanks for that
I did try reinstalling but the progress bar went instantly all green - which didn’t seem right as its over 15 Gig - I do remember when installing first time a message flashed up saying the path was too long for some files. Bit of an old guy I’m afraid -I can sing and play but that admin side of computers - just hopeless


Did you unzip first and install using the Setup named icon?

I made the mistake of clicking the Cubase named icon inside the zip, it will install Cubase but not the content. Because it will work we don’t realise we’ve done something wrong. Inside the zip the setup icon doesn’t look like something to click, once unzipped it does.

This was Cubase Pro 10, elements might be different

Thanks Mitchie - I’ll try that