Missing Disk Grand 3?

I have purchased Cubase 6.5 and the package contained trial disks, including The Grand 3,
After purchasing the access code through Steinberg and installing the disk, I found that it only contains three of the instruments. After checking the Grand 3 manual, it seems there should be two installation disks to cover all the instruments.
Do I have to buy a second disk, after understanding from the information that came with Cubase, that I would have access to six instruments, or is there another way of solving my problem?
Thanks for any help.

The trial that comes with Cubase is not the Grand 3. It is the Grand 3 SE. This version only comes with three instruments. To get all the instruments in the full version, you need to purchase the full version. And as far as I understand it there is no upgrade path from the Grand 3 SE to the Grand 3.

Thanks for your reply.
It’s interesting that there was no obvious information to that effect in the C6.5 package, or in the G3 manual.
I appreciate your help.
Cheers, Lorenzo

I agree - I have just bought SE from my trial disc with 6.5 Artist. I mistakenly thought that this was a special price for the full package and that the two additional pianos would be unlocked upon activation. It was only after I activated SE that this was not the case. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had realised this, I would simply have used up the trial. I bought Halion Sonic 2 at the same time, and have to say the Yamaha 90ES piano in HS2 is as good as the C7 in SE. Very disappointed…