Missing Driver, No Multi-track recording

Initially, I had no problem with connecting my Yamaha TF5 board to Nuendo Live. I also installed Cubase LE Elements 9 and could both record in multitrack with Nuendo and edit/master in Cubase. Everything was going great. Plenty of multi track recordings with no problem and post editing was going great. Then, without notice, the “Yamaha TF” driver that was needed to connect the laptop with the sound board disappeared. Now I can’t connect the board to the laptop. The driver I had before is gone and the Steinberg driver doesn’t open and even if it did, I’m not sure it would work since it wasn’t what I had before. Without the right driver, I can’t record multi-track (obviously). I don’t think the board USB is communicating with the laptop at all. I reset the sound board (re-initialized all) and tested to see if the board had a hiccup. Nothing changed. Before that I reset the laptop (plenty of speed, memory and harddrive). Nothing. Please help. Everything on the board indicates that the digital connection should be working.

Please contact your Yamaha distributor in this case. I believe this is TF-related.