Missing drum kits in Groove Agent SE Cubase Elements 8

Just upgraded from Cubase elements 7.0.8 to elements 8 and I can see only 96 drum kits listed in the results panel inside Groove Agent SE instead of the 120+ mentioned on website, after installation I copied all vst files in the “Additional Content” folder and pasted them onto the vst folder but still the rest are missing on GA… Could anyone please help out?

I’m using Imac late 2013 2.7 Ghz Intel QuadCore i5 Mavericks


Same here, and no Acoustic agent SE either as mentioned in the manual.

You are right, no Acoustic Agent either…

Ah ha, same here. Thought I was just confused. So, has anyone figured this out yet?

Thinking about this,these missing kits are probably the kits associated with Acoustic agent.

did you rescan the location in Mediabay after you copied the files?

Yes, I did. Didn’t help.
That’s a good suggestion, though.

In contrast to Groove Agent 4 the SE version can only load one Beat Agent at a time. Percussion Agent is not included. The Beat Agent in Groove Agent SE 4 includes 30 drum kits and over 200 ready-to-go grooves while the Acoustic Agent SE comes with one drum kit and 20 styles.

First; Thanks for the reply and info.

Yes, I know this, but I like to get everything I paid for. I’m weird that way. :open_mouth:

I’m with SoundPerf on this, what’s the point in providing misleading info anyway?

Have rescanned media bay several times as suggested by Beerbong but with no results, also attempted another rather strange solution posted somewhere in the forum where you need to have the Filter option activated in the load program window of the Editor, then you make Attribute display in Library etc etc… problem is I could not find Attribute nowhere in there, at the end you would supposedly be able to see Acoustic Agent in the list, so still not solved…

I would then rerun the installer for your correct version 32 or 64 bit. Double check the entries for Groove Agent and the other relative entries…

If that doesn’t work contact support I think.

Been there, done that.

See this…

Have gone through the thread… now hoping they come back with a workable solution for you to share :unamused:


If you’re using Cubase Pro 8 or I’m guessing Artist 8, the problem that people are referring to with Cubase Elements 8 is a different problem. If you just need to change the 'Attributes" in Media Bay that is different than the Acoustic agent not being present at all in Elements 8 due to it not being part of the program. See link below if you have Elements 8 and the above post if you have something other.