Missing Drum sound after mixdown - Help


I’ve just finished a track and have exported it and found that one of the drum tracks drops off at a couple of sections throughout the song and i have no idea why as it plays fine on the software? I’ve made sure nothing is muted or anything. I don’t know how to fix this. Any help would be great. Thanks

I’m encountering the same issues. Hopefully someone can enlighten us on this.

I have the same problem with C13 and C12. When exporting (also in real time) ,some bars of the midi drum tracks are missing. Setup:
I use separate midi tracks for each drum sample. e.g. Kick, Clap, HiHat, etc (each on different notes) and send all of them to the same iVST where the samples are routed to separate audio outputs.
During the export, 1 midi track is affected and is not rendered for some bars. This can happens anywhere in the song, but always at the same section (e.g. for 8 bars). The strange thing is that this happens with virtual midi parts that get rendered fine, but just at certain sections. It comes in random and is then saved in the project file and the problem persists this way. The song plays absolutely fine when not rendered. When I render in real-time, I can immediately hear the problem and stop the export.
I mitigate the problem by either duplicating the entire arrangement of the affected sections and then cutting out the faulty section with Wavelab or recreating the affected sample with the sampler track and muting the midi track that is sent to the iVST.
Very annoying. @AshMcAuliffe : What sampler are you using that is causing the problem for you. I’m just about to contact the support of Atlas…

News on this one: there was a confirmed bug with the Atlas sampler. It’s all good now…