Missing effects in the channel strip after update 11 > 12

I just upgraded my Cubase from 11 to 12. What strikes me after loading a song created under 11 is the missing effects in the channel strip. Under 11 I had several effects:


After upgrading to 12 I only have the compressor and the EQ, all others are missing.

The Cubase standard effects Maximizer and Limiter I used in the last song
as insert effects, are also not found.

Did I install something wrong here or is this “works-as-designed”?

Many thanks in advance


I can see for example the Limiter. It’s just not enabled.

What exactly did you install, please? If you are on Windows, did you install as administrator, please?

These effects are only available in Cubase Elements and higher.

Please run the eLicenser Control Center (used by Cubase 11 and earlier) and the Steinberg Activation Manager (used by Cubase 12) to verify that you’ve purchased the correct update, and that it has been activated correctly.


You cannot downgrade. So if @Jojo69 saw these modules in Cubase 11, he cannot go down to loose them. Also the slots would be empty, not greyed-out.

To clarify, his screenshot is actually from his Cubase 11 installation. For some reason, Cubase 12 is launching in Cubase LE mode for him (it’s the only version to not have the Limiter insert effect, which he’s also missing). This is likely due to an activation issue.


Thanks to all for your hints. Yes, I’ve taken the screenshot from Cubase 11 and couldn’t attach one from Cubase 12 (as a rookie, I can only attach one single picture). And yes, I did it with Windows as admin. All other things are working fine. I didn’t purchased the C12 because I bought C11 end of last year so the update was free. And the rest of the installation was successful.

Romanique_Tp, you’re absolutely right with your clarification. And so, I’ll have a look if this is an activation issue or if Steinberg just offers an update to a “lower” version.

best regards

Problem solved - thanks a lot! I was only able to “update” C11 Elements to C12 LE. For having back my effects I have to purchase the update to Elements.

Best regards, Jojo

Hold on, does your Cubase Elements 11 license show up as “grace period eligible” in the eLicenser Control Center? If so, you can get Cubase Elements 12 for free.

Just click the Steinberg Licensing button in this page and follow the instructions:


Great !!! Thank you so much! It works!