missing equalizer

hi.I have cubase artist 7,7.5 and after finishtrial cubase 7,in the channel settings there is no equalizer??? can anyone help

Hi jaggahh,

can you uplaod a screenshot?


is it a clean project?

it’s sometimes happening to me on a larger project in x86 when ram load is high. cubase’s GUI starts falling apart then.

no.there is no equializer on all project.

Hi jaggahh,

that seems like a skin issue. Is the Channel-EQ the only thing giving you problems? Or have you noticed anything else missing? Probably your best option would a re-installation.


YES.The problem is only channel-EQ.

when i open cubase artist 7,its ok,but in cubase artist 7.5 there is no channel-EQ.My e-licenser is on cubase artist 7.5

hi,can you help…