Missing Eucon Soft keys in Cubase 9 Pro

Hi, after installing the new version Cubase Pro 9 I don’t get the soft keys automapping that I had in C 8.5 so useful . Anyone have the same problem??


Had the same, had to redo them.

Did you redo all???.. But I did´t anything in C 8.5. All mapping was there…

You need to reset the application defaults in EUcontol and they will come back.

You mean"restart Econ Application"???

Didnt help

No not restarting, open it, the most right tab and select reset application defaults.

if I open C. 8.5, I could restore but in C 9 Save Revert and Restore, all are in grey…

Got it !!! I did this trick. Wet to the Library/Application Support/euphonic and duplicate de EuControl8.xml file and rename it EuControl9.xml . I got the softkays like in C. :slight_smile: Thanks Raphie

Perfecto! :slight_smile:

This didn’t work for me! :frowning: