Missing Expression Map Tab

I feel silly, as I think I must be missing something really obvious, but I cannot find the Expression Map tab in the Inspector.

I am using EastWest/QuantumLeap Symphonic Orchestra Gold on Cubase 7 Elements. I have loaded a VST Cello, using the Kewsw and Master.ewi option to load all the key switches on a MIDI track. In all the online videos, they show an Expression Map tab in the Inspector, but I do not have one, and the only tabs available in the Setup are: Chord Track, MIDI Modifiers, MIDI fader, Notepad and Instrument. When clicking on the Instrument tab, the sub-tabs are: Audio Inserts, Strip, Equalizers, Audio Sends and Audio Fader.

I have downloaded the appropriate expression maps from Riveted Studios, although I am at a loss as to where to put the folder. I can find no reference to Expression Maps in the Cubase manual, and the only maps mentioned are Drum Maps. Do I need to change other settings, or activate other options before the Expression Map tab is visible? Are Expression Maps unavailable in Cubase 7 Elements?

Please point me in the right direction, as I have now spent two days on this issue, and cannot find where else to go from here. Thank you ever so much!

If you right-click on the Inspector, you get a pop-up menu, where, at the bottom, is “Setup”. You can customize what is visible in the Inspector from there :slight_smile:.

Thank you for your help, vic_france! The problem is that that is not an option in the setup menu. (Please see the attachment.) Do you have any suggestions for adding that option to the setup menu, or something else I need to do? I am using Cubase 7 Elements. Thank you!

Your screenshot shows that you are using Cubase Elements, and the bad news is that Elements doesn’t support VST Expression, sorry.

Okay…thanks vic_france for the information! Is there any version of Cubase 7 that does, or do I have to upgrade to Cubase 8? And which version? Elements, Artist, Pro? I am not too happy about going to 8 simply because I have run out of USB ports in which to install the required eLicenser. Currently, I am using the “soft” eLicenser on my music computer, which is allowed in 7.

I am disappointed that it is not available, but thank you for clearing it up for me!

It looks like Cubase 7 Pro supports expression maps as this video tutorial demonstrates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNTNNhXrsxs

I’ve not used 7 myself but I can tell you that ‘Cubase 8 Artist’ does not support expression maps. I’ve just had to upgrade to ‘Cubase 8 Pro’ to enable this feature.