missing feature: crosshair cursor to adjust envelope points in audiomontage

I use wavelab since long to mix-down multichannel recordings of classical oratoria concerts. In that use case typically a lot of spot microphones have to be faded in/out often and accurate in time and level. A crosshair cursor would be helpful in audionmontage to align fadingpoints on the envelope over channels (vertical) an levels (horizontal) easily. The crosshair cursor could be shown while the fading point is selected.
An additional advantage would be to disinguish easily the selection of an fading point on the envelope or the envelope itself. Often enough, if the cursor is not located properly on that tiny fading point, the entire envelope is selected and clip level is changed accidently. Different cursor shapes could help to understand what object is currently manipulated by mouse movement.

Food for thought. Would be a plesure, if in an upcoming wavelab version this little enhancement could be implemented.

This is a good idea. I note it.

Yeah, sounds very useful indeed. Good idea!