Missing Feature: VST2 or VST3 plugin When inserting?

It is now not possible to tell the difference between VST 2 and VST 3 plugs when inserting plugs.! Rack and Inserts.

It is important to know as many developers provide both now. If I don’t need to clutter cubase with 10 ports per VEP instance I obviously choose the VST2 version.

the info is in devices> plugin info … tells you all you need to know including the SDK

What filter said, and you can also disable/enable them there as well.

Clearly stated “On Insert”.

well don’t you think it’s better to have the information before hand so you don’t even have to think about “inserting” the plugin ?


That might shed some light on it for you: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=30507&p=220649#p220649