Missing file edits in cubase 9


I’m freaking out and am backed up against a wall. I’ve been working with Cubase for years, but this has never happened to me before.

Basically, I’m editing an interview with two tracks. Interviewer on track 1, interviewee on track 2. When I started the session, I processed track 2’s audio files to increase the gain a bit, but I don’t remember if I chose to edit original files or to create new ones. Anyways, I spent hours editing, and I religiously save throughout the session. I finished, but when I reopened the session I found that all the edits, and the files themselves for track 2 are missing. Track 1 is fine, totally unaffected.

When I look at the pool, I can see multiple pool entries for track 1, aka the one not affected but on track 2 I only see two entries, both of which were not the original files I imported. It doesn’t prompt me with any missing files, nor does it show any missing files in the pool window.

I’ve tried loading multiple different saves, but for every save, “aka BAK file” the problem is the same for every one. In other words. When loading the saves I can see the edits progressing for track 1, but in track 2 there is simply nothing in the channel.

Note that when I look at the edits folder I do see all of the files for track 2, similar to how they look for track 1 in the pool window. Also, in the images folder I do see peak files for all of the edits done on track 2. I’ve played a bit with importing the files into cubase, but the problem is that I can’t recreate their placement as there are 100’s of edits. For instance, on track 1 the file in the pool shows that it has been used 160 times, “as in 160 different regions edited from initial ly imported file.” But when I import the files from the edits folder it doesn’t show any of them being used.

Please help, I’m trying to not loose an entire days worth of work. I’ve scoured the forums and internet for any solution but I’ve found none. I did read Cubases faq about recovering edit files using the reconstruct option, but it remains greyed out no matter what file I select.

Lastly, I’ve attached a few screenshots of the different folders.
Edits folder.png
Audio Folder.png