Missing file recovery program.

Many users experience missing content upon startup, or when they browse presets and come up short. This starts a quest through the file system searching for the missing files. Sometimes, one gets lucky and finds a missing file is or isn’t in “Roaming”, or whatever. Often, there’s no such luck. Then people try to re-install, which may or may not work.

If a person is missing one vstpreset file (for example), it would be nice to just download the missing file and put it in the right place. Of course, it’s easy to mess that up, and mistakes could cause new problems that nobody can fix.

I’m suggesting a utility program that checks an installed Cubase system, comparing actual installed files against should be installed files. It would then set up a download/update/install option allowing the user to bring the system up to standard. Another mode of usage would allow a user to enter the name of a missing file (as typically reported by Cubase), and try to download/move/copy/install it. I suppose this utility could also read some kind of standard error file that might be produced during a Cubase crash.