Missing files after saving project under a different name?

When I save a project under a different name (because I want to re-use some of the custom settings) and delete unused tracks after the project was saved and then "remove unused media / empty trash, my recorded files in the original project are also lost even if I renamed the tracks in the new project and saved before removing the unused media. Is there a work around to get rid of the garbage without erasing the current files/tracks?


Because the source audio files are shared by both projects.

To do this properly, do File > Backup Project instead of saving the project under a different name, please.

Thank you, I figured the shared part but I didn’t know how to work around the issue.


As I mentioned. Instead of saving with another name, use the File > Backup Project function, please. This will force you to put the new project in another folder, which is independent of the original one.