Missing files after transfer from Win8 to OSX10.10

I first installed Cubase 7.5 and GA4 on a Windows 8.1 machine but have since transferred all my projects to a new Yosemite machine. I installed Cubase 7.5 and GA4, along with my 4 content kits fresh. Now when I load some of my projects transferred from Win8.1, Cubase cannot find some audio files. Does anybody know where these files live on OS X? Searching for them (in both Cubase and Finder) turns up nothing:

01 Fast Rock 170.wav
Rimshot 02bb18.wav
Indy’s Brand New Beats Drums.wav
020 Construction Kit 07 SK.wav

Unfortunately, the Win8.1 machine is no longer available, so I can’t search it for those files. :frowning:

Thanks for any help you can provide!