missing files after upgrade to from HALion 5 to 6.1

I upgraded to HALion 6.1 from 5 a few days ago. This shows when I open Cubase 9.5.10 (not HALion), files are missing (from Halion Sonic SE I guess from the names?):

Uninstalled everything HALion and then installed 6.0 + 6.1. Should I re-install Cubase aswell?

Some missing files from Padshop Pro also, everytime I open the GUI.

Please download the full Cubase Pro 9.5 installer from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I recently purchased Halion 6, updated to 6.1. Using standalone now, will use as vst in Cubase 7.5 if I can get it load with all the included sounds first.
Numerous .vstsound are missing, and I can’t locate them.
Should I re-download the 18gig program?


have you also installed the HALion 6.1 content update?

You will find it together with the HALion 6.1 Update in the download section or in the Steinberg Download Assistent.

Thanks, hopefully the included instruments will show up too.

Well, no help downloading the content update. A few of the icons Anima, Slylab and HS Se Pro are now there - but that it. Man this frustrating!