Missing Files Dialogue / Montage


one minor Problem, which sometimes is really a little time consuming.

I often produce CDs with lots of Audio-Files from our Sound-Library. They stay at our Network-Drive or Special Sample Drive, and are only linked to the projects.
I sometimes have to change studio or work with older Montages for CD-Updates etc…

When Wavelab doesn’t find these Files (because of the “changed” Filepath) i get the Missing Files Dialogue which is fine and quick to work with. But If the original Soundfiles have special Characters (which i try to avoid, but sometimes occur, like “ü”, “ö” Küche…) wavelab won’t find them, even if I direct it direct to the folder. I have to “Replace Selected Files with” for each single File, which can take a while.

If there’s time some time in the future I maybe I rename our library-Files, but … :wink:

Thanks for listening


Added to my check list. Thanks for the report.