Missing files?

I recorded a live gig a few months ago. 40 minutes, 10 tracks, 10 continuous audio files. A few days after the gig, opened the project, did a rough mix for the band, no problems. Yesterday I open to do an actual mix, 3 files have no audio, 3 have have only the first 20 minutes and the other 4 are fine. Since it was saved at one time, is there a way to find the files on the hard drive?

I’m running Cubase 5 (5.0.1)on a Mac OSX, Seagate HD. This isn’t a case were Cubase states “files are missing.” The “event bars” are all there for the 40 minutes, but again, no audio or image on 3, and audio an image for the other 3.

If this has been addressed before, I apologize. However could you please post the thread.



How does your pool look?

I have never seen parts of audio files missing.


Checked pool, same thing.

Go to import file, navigate to the folder the audio is in and import the files to new tracks. See if that helps.

Hi Bane,

From the pool window, I typed in the file name in the search,which brought up everything, but within that I found the complete files and dragged them into the project. I am able to salvage everything, however, I have to visually align them as none of them are same length (off by seconds). Also, Cubase responds sluggishly, for this project (mouse clicks etc. take a bit longer than on any of my other projects) which concerns me. Instincts are telling me to export all the salvaged files and import them into a new project. Any thoughts on what could have caused this as, obviously, I’d like to never go through this again!


Hi davernoise,

I always like to back up my recordings onto another HD. You can find their location by checking the path in your pool. I’m not sure what causes this, but alot of times if you delete a file and then restore it, your pool won’t rescan without being prompted.

As far as the misalignment, do you have Musical Mode enabled?