Missing files

Hi Guys

I have missing files in my project.
When I point Nuendo to the folder it finds it and my missing list disappear
However as soon as I go into my pool and ask to “find missing files” , the same list appear.
It seems not to be linking to my files.
I suspect RX 10 advanced might be the culprit

Any ideas on how to fix this please?



If you point to the files while loading the project, you don’t have to do so again from Pool.

Can you hear the sound when playing the project back?

Hi Martin
I point to missing files at opening of project.
It shows that it found them. But when i look at my timeline those clips are blanks.
I suspect RX cause all the blank clips have RX processes on them…
When I go into my Audio folder the clips are there and they play
Nuendo just cannot connect to them.
Its a pain.


Oh, if the files are processed, this might be more tricky. Can RX see them?

RX can see them when i open from the audio folder into Rx yes


I was thinking you process them from Nuendo via ARA in RX. Is this the case?

If they are processed those files will be found in the Edits folder not the Audio folder. Check to see if they’re there. HTH.

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