Missing Fixed Velocity Option in MIDI Editor's Step Input

Hi Everyone,

I used to use a feature in the MIDI editor’s step input that allowed setting a fixed velocity for all notes, ensuring they don’t record with the velocity information. This was handy for maintaining consistent dynamics when using the step sequencer which I can edit later manually .

However, I’ve noticed that the option bar that included velocity settings next to the Step Input icon is no longer visible. I’ve checked to make sure all toolbar options are visible, but this specific section still seems to be missing. Has this feature moved, or is there a reason it might have disappeared?

Any guidance on where to find it now would be really helpful.

By the way, this is the toolbar I am refering to. I can’t find it anymore: Cubase 13 latest.


EDIT: Found the solution , the bar was hiden. I had to double click these three dots to unhide it