Missing flow names in galley view


i´d like to see the flow names in galley view.
Is there a possibility to have this right now?
When i use many flows, e.g. working with duplicates trying out some differences in notation there are now many sheets of music following each other
and they all have no name. So it is sometimes not easy to figure out what flow you see at the moment. Even when the differences between flows are marginal.
i hope someone has an idea or it could be integrated in future versions.


No, there’s currently no way to make the names of flows appear in galley view, but we’ll consider ways of achieving this for the future.

Hi Daniel,

that would be very good. I know that there are many wishes from users…
But i remember the last days i often had to check in which flow i am at the moment in galley view.
And that could be a problem if you change things in flows you don´t want to.

Thanks for implementing this in future versions.



Don’t forget that you can always see what flow you’re in by making a selection in that flow, then looking in the title bar of the window, which will tell you the name of the current flow.

Indeed, that would be nice to have the name on the top. Like the floating key signature on the left… For now, I use control+G to make sure I’m at the right place.

Daniel, it’s a shame to have to come out of full screen mode in order to do this.