Missing Flow?

I have a single flow of a work that is now about 250 bars long. Starting to map structure for the additional movements, I created 3 additional flows. They show up in Setup, I’ve named them, all good. But when you click on each of them, nothing happens. Only the original (first) flow appears. Moving to Write mode or any other mode has no effect. The flows do not exist, except in Setup mode, where they are of course completely non functional. I created a new document just to ensure I’m not completely insane and quick created a handful of flows, and it all works normally: they show up, you can navigate between them in Setup and elsewhere. What could be wrong with my original document? This is the cherry on the sundae of a particularly buggy Dorico week.

When you select said flows in Setup mode, does anything highlight in the right and left panels? If not, assign layouts and players to them. It sounds like they’re currently unassigned.

Welcome to the forum, qraig. I’m sorry you’re having problems with flows. As Leo suggests, I suspect that the flows either have no players assigned or are not assigned to the layout you’re looking at. You may find this video helpful. If you need further help, please attach the project itself, per the advice in this thread.

Hi Leo and Daniel… yes, when I select each flow all players (4 individual strings) show up (checked) but the flow did not change. Repeated relaunches of Dorico did nothing. However, a random reboot of the system (I’m sure I did it before) seems to have set things right.

A reboot is highly unlikely to be responsible for “fixing” this problem. You said that when you selected the flow, the four instruments highlighted in the left panel. You didn’t mention the right panel. As I said before, the flow (bottom panel) needs to be assigned to both the player(s) (left panel) and the layout(s) (right panel) or the music won’t appear.

OK, I think this should probably go under a new thread, but I’ll try here once more. (I watched the video referenced above, it did not address my problem.)

I have a file for string quartet, 1 movement, 1 original flow. I import a flow from another file (2nd movement). Everything is checked. Absolutely everything, both sides, players and layouts. I have also tried importing “merging” players and creating “new” players. (The latter obviously isn’t wanted, so we’ll ignore that.) Importing these new flows, they appear in the Setup box beneath the score, but clicking on each flow shows ONLY the 1st movement/flow. If I go into individual player layouts, the subsequent flows DO show up as direct run-ons to the previous flow (although this is weird to me, don’t know why they wouldn’t start on a new page). But returning to Full Score mode, NONE of the other flows appear besides the first.

This really shouldn’t be this hard. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m dealing with a bug or my own inability to understand what I need to do to get 3 simple flows merged into a single project.

Is there any chance you’ve fiddled with the Filter at the top of the music frames on the master pages?

That was my thought as well. It should be MA.

No I most certainly have not. It says Default Full Score. I don’t know what MA means.

Engrave mode, Frames tool. What capital letters are listed at the top of the blue music frame?

And more importantly, to the right of that, what does it say next to the word “Flows:”?

Ah right, I had my head in setup mode, didn’t even consider Engrave. Yes, in the (full score) visible flow, it says MA. Then Flow: the name of the 1st movement flow. (A reminder: this is the only visible flow in full score mode, the other 2 are invisible.)

That’s what I’m saying. It sounds like you’ve filtered Flow 1. Are the other flows available to you if you expand that filter? (And Dan and I are both talking about the master pages, available from the right panel of Engrave mode, not the individual pages of the score.)

We’re sorta shooting in the dark. Can you attach the project here, please? You need to zip it up first.

The other thing, rereading your recent post, is:
What happens if you select your second flow from the Flows (bottom) panel of Setup mode? Again, you need the Full score layout ticked in the right panel (along with each of the four part layouts).

Yes, I hoped I’d made that clear earlier… if I select the 2nd or 3rd flows (and everything in both panels doesn’t change, all checked), nothing happens. The full score viewport doesn’t change at all. Nothing. That is what is so confusing to me.

Shall I upload the file? Not sure I see how to do that…

As Dan said, you zip it and then you add it to your next post as an attachment. You’ll need the “Full Editor & Preview” button, and then “Attachments” is beneath the “Topic review” section.

Blast. At 2.5mb apparently it’s too large, zipped. Good grief.

Hold on, maybe if I remove the cover page it will be small enough…