Missing flows checkbox


I am trying to get to the point where only one flow appears at a time in the write window. I have read posts on this that refer to a checkbox in the upper right corner of each of the flows in the flow panel on the set up page.

I don’t seem to have those check boxes,

Confused - not for the first time, I’m afraid

dorico query.jpeg

You have selected the last flow — in light blue. If you select a layer or a player, the checkboxes in the layouts will reappear. Be careful how you use them, as you might lose some work. There has been a thread earlier this week about that. Until next update, there is no popup window telling you this might delete music.

Read here before you do anything :wink:



Have gone back and reselected a player and it has appeared.

Thanks for the warning about lost work

I still don’t really understand the relationship between players, layouts and flows so I will experiment for a while before I put anything in that I don’t want to lose.

Oh for a decent manual! (I know there is a thread on this). Dorico is obviously a brilliant programme with the capability of being so much better than the alternatives which is why I think I persevere with it but it certainly kills creativity when I put so much effort into searching threads etc when I just want to do the simplest of things.

The relationship between players, layouts and flows is kinda well explained by Daniel and Steveinchicago in the end of the thread I sent you. Add it to the fact that we will have a warning if we do something eager to delete music in the next few days — forthcoming update has never been so close ! — and that maybe a manual will be available, I must say I am quite astonished by the way the things are improving.


I’m looking forward to it.