Missing font but not missing. But not usable

Hi everyone, hope all is well.
I feel bad writing yet another ’ missing font’ post, but I have a new problem that just popped up.
A couple years ago I was getting the missing font dialog upon launch, Daniel helped me out, and for some reason, nothing was changed in my scores. That is, the Futura font (which I use prominently) is installed, and shows up in all my scores. So If I saw the missing font notification, I paid no attention.

I start new scores from my own templates, so there was never a need to go changing fonts anymore.
Yesterday, I decided to make a new template, and indeed, future is missing. I cannot replace the time sig font. However, If I open a previous template, everything is normal.
Here is a screenshot. Showing the new template I’m trying to change with boxes for time sigs when I change to Futura. At thew same time I can open another project from an older template, it gives the warning, but the font is there. The older template was created pre-dorico 5. I’m now on the latest version.

Without the file, there’s no way of telling. If you’re using a Text font, rather than a Music font, for time sigs, then you need to set Futura as the Time Signature PLAIN Font, and then set your Engrving Options to use the Plain font.

It looks like you’ve set the Music font to use Futura, so Dorico is looking in Futura for SMuFL music characters.

Thanks so much for the reply Ben. Appreciate you taking the time.

Bear with me while I move slowly through your reply. The font game in Dorico has often made my head spin.

I am using Bravura for music font. Yes, in paragraph styles, I change and use Futura as the font for many details. Including Time sigs.
Do you mean something different when you say “it looks like you’ve set the music font to use Futura”? Im not quite sure what you’re saying with that statement.

In ‘Engraving options’, where do I find the place to tell Dorico to use plain text for time sigs? I am looking right now. Can’t find.

Has something changed in Dorico 5 since I first made my templates? Do I have to tell it to do something extra to find the font?

Thanks so much.

By “Music font”, I meant the Time Signature font, which has to be a SMuFL music font, not a text.


Apologies: the setting for the Time Sig font is in Layout Options, not Engraving Options. You need to set it to Plain font.

Ahh, thanks Ben, yes, that is what I was missing. And strangely enough, I just updated to 5.1.40 (I know I said I was on latest version in previous post, but I noticed I wasn’t), and now the ‘missing font’ dialog is not popping up anymore.

Thank you for your time and quick help.


I have missing font which he shows at 11:57 the " Imprint MT Shadow" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il0ATZ_9UyE&t=323s

Anyone else is missing and any solutions??

Imprint MT Shadow is a commercial font from Monotype, which you can purchase here:

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