Missing font messages after updating to 4.1.1

Suddenly getting messages about missing fonts after updating to 4.1.1? This is on a windows machine and I did reboot it before running Dorico.

Try running the Dorico 4.1.1 installer again and choosing Repair. Hopefully that should reinstate those fonts into Windows’s Fonts folder.

Why would the installer install third party Windows fonts? I did not think Dorico ships with Source Sans Pro.

I have permanent issues with Adobe Typekit fonts (now part of Creative Cloud). If I start Dorico right after booting, the same message is displayed for fonts I use… I discovered that if I wait some time and then start Dorico it finds the fonts. I’m not sure, but perhaps the Adobe licence checker for fonts takes a while to fire up, especially since I have dozens of fonts. Could this be related to your problem?

It actually does! In Windows, check Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\fonts. I also had an issue with 4.1.1 not installing Source Sans Pro correctly, and the regular, italic, and semibold variants were missing from that folder. They were still in my 3.5 folder so I just installed from there.

Thanks, Daniel! That solved it. The installer couldn’t find the .msi file on it’s own, but once I located it, problem solved!