Missing font messages after updating to 4.1.1

Suddenly getting messages about missing fonts after updating to 4.1.1? This is on a windows machine and I did reboot it before running Dorico.

Try running the Dorico 4.1.1 installer again and choosing Repair. Hopefully that should reinstate those fonts into Windows’s Fonts folder.

Why would the installer install third party Windows fonts? I did not think Dorico ships with Source Sans Pro.

I have permanent issues with Adobe Typekit fonts (now part of Creative Cloud). If I start Dorico right after booting, the same message is displayed for fonts I use… I discovered that if I wait some time and then start Dorico it finds the fonts. I’m not sure, but perhaps the Adobe licence checker for fonts takes a while to fire up, especially since I have dozens of fonts. Could this be related to your problem?

It actually does! In Windows, check Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\fonts. I also had an issue with 4.1.1 not installing Source Sans Pro correctly, and the regular, italic, and semibold variants were missing from that folder. They were still in my 3.5 folder so I just installed from there.

Thanks, Daniel! That solved it. The installer couldn’t find the .msi file on it’s own, but once I located it, problem solved!

I realize this is an old thread, but this just happened to me. There might be a problem with the Dorico 4 installer under Windows. I had been working with Dorico 4 without any trouble since it’s release. Went on vacation a week ago (which meant turning off my computer). When I came back and powered up, I started getting the missing “Source Sans Pro” warning. Dug into the Program Files\Steinberg\ folders. Found the fonts in the Dorico 3.5 fonts folder, but not in the Dorico 4 fonts folder. Seems that Dorico 4 didn’t install them, but for some reason, until I rebooted, Dorico 4 was still looking in the 3.5 folder. I just copied the fonts to the Dorico 4 folder and things seem to be okay for now.


We have had a few reports of this problem, but we’ve not been able to reproduce it in-house, and there’s nothing (that we can see, anyway) different about the way the Source Sans Pro fonts are specified for installation than any of the other fonts that are included in the installer. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

It seems odd that Dorico 4 would look for component files from previous versions; but it seems more weird that it would then stop doing so.

Perhaps the fonts were installed, but then got deleted without the user’s knowledge/input?

Yeah it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I reinstalled Dorico and the local fonts folder it should have been looking in was still missing the Source Sans Pro fonts.

By now I hope you are on 4.3.

I use Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Fonts. With 4.3, and earlier versions, there is a persistent problem that if I start Dorico soon after login in, it fails to find the Adobe fonts, with the same error dialog as your OP. There are two things that can done,. One is to wait some considerable time, minutes, and restart Dorico. I know this is ridiculous, but sometimes it works, sometimes not. The workaround that does work is to deactivate the Adobe CC font in question, and go to the Adobe Fonts website and re-activate it. That works.

I have no explanation for this baffling behaviour unfortunately. It’s annoying because first thing in the day you have to struggle with this issue very often. (I will also say it is somewhat indeterminate.) This happens in Windows 10 and Windows 11, and on very powerful and fast machines.

Perhaps you have downloaded Source Sans Pro from Google Fonts and installed locally. In which case I don’t know what it is, but there does seem to be some oddity with some fonts. Interesting that Source Sans Pro, even though now part of Google Fonts is of course originally an Adobe font, not that that may mean anything.

It’s an odd problem because there is very little mention of it on the forum. I only experience this font issue with Dorico, and not with any other programs on my systems.

This has happened to me multiple times, and as far as I can tell it’s just a bug with the installer or installation process. The folder Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\fonts should contain 14 items (13 fonts and the metadata folder). If it doesn’t, then there was an issue with the font installation process. When the number of fonts install incorrectly, I haven’t been able to discern a pattern. Sometimes the folder contains 5 items, sometimes 11, etc. If it doesn’t contain 14, re-run the installer, or install the missing fonts from a previously installed version.

EDIT: I had typed this from my laptop which only had 13 items, so obviously some sort of installation error happened with it too, LOL! The correct # I think should be 14, so I made the edit above. Here’s the list of what should be in that folder.

@FredGUnn Ah - I didn’t know that Source Sans Pro was distributed with Dorico.

So for the OP my discussion about Adobe Fonts is irrelevant. Still worth mentioning to the team.

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That is what I had to do. I copied the fonts from the 3.5 installation. Weird thing is that I’ve been using 4.x versions since their release, and the problem only occured after I turned off my computer. That’s why I’m thinking that some sort of software search path that used to contain the 3.5 font folder got rewritten on power up/down and caused the problem.

As the person who started this thread years ago, I’ll just say this is consistent behavior with every Dorico release, including the hotfix. While it’s a pain in the tuchus, dspreadbury’s work-a-round continues to solve it. Here’s a more detailed answer:

  1. Locate the latest installer zip file. It will be in Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Dorico_Version.Sub.Sub_Installer_win.zip

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file. Remember where it is.

3)Go go your Settings->Apps, search for Dorico, select “Remove/Repair”

  1. Follow the dialogue, selecting “Repair”.

  2. It never seems able to find the msi file, so when it says it can’t find it, select the “Browse for msi file” option, go to the directory that was created when you unzipped the file in step 1, inside of which you will find a Dorico\DoricoX.msi, where the X will be some version number (currently 4). Select that.

  1. The repair should complete without any issues at this point. It always has for me.

  2. Reboot.

It will then work just fine until the next upgrade or hotfix.


I’ve had this problem with Dorico 5 on Windows, but found the “SourceSansPro-Regular.ttf” file in:

and copied it to the similar Dorico5 folder.

And suddenly I can hear the music play… maybe that’s a coincidence!