Missing Fonts column width too narrow

As John Barron suggested, I report an issue here, which I reported earlier on facebook. I searched for this particular issue on the forum but couldn’t find anything.
I slightly altered some fonts to display lining numerals instead of oldstyle numerals per default, they got renamed and I’d like to relink them, but I don’t know which is which because the fields are to small to show me all the info I need (Especially Missing Family but Replacement Family isn’t great either). I also can’t resize the columns.


This is how the fonts are named, and I guess it’s very well possible to have longer font names, which differ only at the very end (or in the middle or whatever). So it is crucial, to be able to see the entire font name.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see about making the columns in the dialog resizable in future versions.


Daniel. There are a number of dialogues where the fixed column size is restrictive. eg on the Endpoint setup where the columns for port and channel are ridiculously wide, but the Expression Map and Percussion Map columns should be wider. This is because expression map instrument names expand as we customise them to suit different libraries: each requires a library reference, an instrument reference, possibly a specific patch reference and a version identifier.

Fighting through this (which is a simple example) …
is soul destroying.

Thanks for the feedback about the Endpoint Setup dialog, too. I’ll see what we can do about it. In the meantime, you should find that you can resize the dialog to make it wider, and those columns will stretch as you resize the dialog.