Missing Fonts dialog buggy

While trying to replace missing fonts, I am experiencing some display issues:

  1. Selecting a new Replacement Family makes the previously selected Replacement Styles behave mysteriously.
  2. Once you have entered a new Replacement Family, if you try to select another font Replacement Style, the popup wrongly suggests the recommendations for the last selected family instead of the expected ones.

Oct-29-2022 20-17-49

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Thanks for reporting this. I’ll take a look at this at some point.

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Related to this… is there a reason the same missing font/style is listed multiple times? Seems it would be sufficient to just list each once? I’m guessing each row is related to a different Font/Paragraph style that is inheriting the Default… but since this dialog says nothing about which element is being modified, and in the case of inheritance, I wouldn’t want to assign to each individual Style anyway, it seems unnecessary.

For the longest time, I thought that somehow tons of issues were in play given the length of the scroll… but in actuality, it is just that the Font I’m using doesn’t have Bold, Italic, or Regular Styles… which could be more succinctly communicated in 4 rows, e.g.:

Blockhead OT Regular
Blockhead OT Italic
Blockhead OT Bold
Blockhead OT

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The dialog reports each Paragraph Style and Font Style for which the selected font does not exist.

Granted, it would be more useful if it actually told you which styles they were.