Missing fonts dialog hang, but font isn't missing

On two Windows computers with different projects I’m seeing this issue not infrequently. Here’s a use case

  • Create a new project
  • Select November2 font from the Hub create project dialog
  • Do some stuff, quit
  • Restart and load project
  • “Missing November2 font” substitution dialog comes up
  • Note that this is the same computer, so the Hub let me choose November2 so it does see it, however on loading it misses it
  • Trying to hit the “Replacement Family” hangs. I’ll see if I can get a diagnostic
  • I don’t think this happened before the latest release

Here’s the proof of the json for November2 - even though it obviously must be there if I could use it to create the project. Also shows the hang.

Another note, it happens with different third party fonts, and not with the built-ins.

Please attach a project in which this occurs. Screenshots unfortunately provide absolutely no way for us to help.