Missing fonts dialog hang, but font isn't missing

On two Windows computers with different projects I’m seeing this issue not infrequently. Here’s a use case

  • Create a new project
  • Select November2 font from the Hub create project dialog
  • Do some stuff, quit
  • Restart and load project
  • “Missing November2 font” substitution dialog comes up
  • Note that this is the same computer, so the Hub let me choose November2 so it does see it, however on loading it misses it
  • Trying to hit the “Replacement Family” hangs. I’ll see if I can get a diagnostic
  • I don’t think this happened before the latest release

Here’s the proof of the json for November2 - even though it obviously must be there if I could use it to create the project. Also shows the hang.

Another note, it happens with different third party fonts, and not with the built-ins.

Please attach a project in which this occurs. Screenshots unfortunately provide absolutely no way for us to help.

Hello everybody,

Has this issue been solved or moved to another thread? I have this problem in D5 latest version with the Pori Rehearsal fonts that come with Scoring Express Jazz from NYC Music Services .

BIGBAND.dorico (773.4 KB)

The attached test file reports a missing font “Pori Rehearsal Enclosed” when being opened. The font is installed on my system and it displays correctly in Dorico (Layout Name with border):

Regards, Heinz …

Make sure that Dorico’ font/paragraph styles are not requesting a italic or bold version of a font if Pori does not support it. In such a case, all one would have to do would be to change the font/paragraph style not to ask for that version of the font.

Thank you, Derreck. The Pori font does indeed only have the normal style and Dorico complains that this normal style is missing. But you are pointing to the right direction. I did the following:

  1. I changed the font in the respective Dorico paragraph style to Pori italic. There is no italic version of Pori, Dorico apparently calculates a slanted version of “normal”. I then store the file and close Dorico completely (including the hub).

  2. I reopen the file. Although it requests a non-existent version (italic) of Pori, there is NO error message. Dorico displays the calculted slanted version.

  3. I change the paragraph style back to Pori normal, save it and close Dorico.

  4. Reopening the file again does NOT display an error message und the font is displayed correctly.

Opening the file on another computer does not display an error message either - so this workaround seems to be ok.