Missing Fonts dialog: translation issue?

When opening a file I had just created a few days ago, I was prompted with the “Missing Fonts” dialog. Since I had just created and printed the file about a week ago, with no application (re)installs since then, I was a bit baffled. See here:


The font is still here, but the missing style “Normal” (German for “regular”) could not be found, while I could successfully select the style “Regular” as its replacement.

Could it be that there is some kind of translation issue going on here?

I am having similar problems also using Dorico 5.1 on WIN 11 in German. It was already the case in 5.0. IIRC this has been reported earlier.

Just happened again: This time I had to replace “Academico / Normal” with “Academico / Regular”. The file was created only yesterday, and I even worked on it today. When reopening it after a short break, Dorico had lost the connection to the font it was created with yesterday, though it had no problem opening it this morning…

Spooky :ghost: