Missing Fonts warning dialog - Why am I getting it?

Any help on why I might be getting the “Missing Fonts” dialog when opening this file?

I believe I’ve got the fonts in question properly installed, and I reinstalled Dorico (and rebooted). FontExplorer X Pro says the fonts are properly installed.

Is it a Styles issue? If so, it’s beyond my current brain capacity…

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 5.32.19 PM

Missing Fonts-2019-09-08a.dorico (1.2 MB)

I got the same error out of nowhere as well…

Just go to Fonts and select the font again and save your project…

this time the popup won’t come…

In other words, in the Missing Fonts dialog:

  1. Click on the “Replacement Family” box, and re-select the same font from the list of available fonts;
  2. Then do the same in the “Replacement Style” box, this time choosing from an available style. In the case of The Copyist Text, the only available style was called “Normal”.

This solved the problem for me. Thanks!

It’s not that the Font itself is missing, but that the STYLE required doesn’t exist for that font.

Bravura Text doesn’t have a Bold. The Copyist Text, presumably doesn’t actually have a “Regular” style.

Because many Font and Paragraph Styles are defined as “same as another style, but with these changes”, if that change is “+Bold” and there isn’t a Bold, then you get this dialog.

I don’t know how “The Copyist Font” works, but I do know that no Bold variant of Bravura Text exists. You may want to check that you’re not using font variants that don’t exist, as though Dorico (or the operating system) can in some cases synthesise them on screen, they won’t export to PDF correctly.

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Yep, makes perfect sense.