Missing from Jump bar

Would you consider adding “system objects” to the Jump bar in some future iteration of Dorico?

While trying to figure out how to set which staves get tempo markings I found the literature/help file less than… helpful.

I had assumed that the Jump Bar would point me in the rights direction, but it doesn’t. This would be a useful addition.
I now know where to look for this function… but I know that at some point in the future, I WILL have forgotten it again, since it’s not a function one tends to use on a daily basis.

Could you expand a bit on what pages you were looking at, and how they weren’t helpful?

It took me a while to find “system objects” as a term to use in my search.

I just thought something simpler, like “tempo” or “tempo marking” would get a hit faster.

Hi @Michel_Edward in the seventh paragraph of the Tempo Marks Manual site this is very clearly explained:

In Dorico Pro, tempo marks are categorized as system objects. Therefore, tempo marks follow your per-layout settings for the visibility and positioning of system objects.

OK, I was just suggesting it might be an addition to the Jump bar, considering we are encouraged to use it for basic functionality

It’s not an unreasonable request, although I’m perhaps a bit more interested in the fact that “system objects” wasn’t your initial go-to, and it’s therefore perhaps more useful to make sure that associated searches bring up the relevant page in the manual.

The search “which staves get tempo markings” already brings up the task for changing system object positions on the first page, but I’ve made a note to see if it can rise up a bit.

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I think “system objects” might not be a first go-to for all users.
maybe I’m in a unique position in that I speak multiple languages daily, and particularly in music, but keep Dorico in English… which means sometimes the “instinctive” words for things might pop into my head in another language before English.

No indeed, and that’s why the Dorico manual is packed (arguably to a ridiculous degree) with alternative terms; it’s rare for any given page to have fewer than 5 different routes to it via the index (and most have a lot more than that). All different items that come under the “system object” umbrella are already listed in that topic, for example.

Just to add something here for Lillie - Although ‘Counterpart Layout’ appears in my JumpBar, the actual word ‘Counterpart’ does not appear in the manual. If you search for counterpart, you get one hit with a page about switching layouts, but nowhere is that actual word included. This could be confusing if people do not know what ‘Counterpart’ actually means, so I thought I’d just mention it…

That page comes up because “counterpart layout” is listed in the index for that page. I made a judgement call that people who don’t already know to look for “counterpart layout” might not immediately jump to using that term, so used more generic language in the body of the page to describe what’s going on, whilst keeping the precise terminology listed in the index.

You’ll encounter this quite a bit: alternative terms will bring up the relevant pages, even if that exact term doesn’t appear in the body itself.

Hi Lillie, Yes, no worries. I thought it might just have been an oversight. ‘Counterpart Layout’ appears in the Dorico ‘Window’ dropdown menu, and if one was wondering what it meant, (like I did at one point) and you went to the manual, you would not find any explanation using that specific word, even though it’s a menu item. It’s easy to figure it out by experimentation of course.