Missing functions in remote mapping assistant

I use Cubase 12.0.51 in windows 10 and I’ve been attempting to set up an Oxygen Pro 61 as a controller with minimal success. initially I had the faders linked to the channel faders (at lease the first eight) and the relevant buttons to the transport and, with your help, I managed to get the knobs linked to quick controls. Despite constantly saving, the pro 61 seems to forget the knob settings and I have constantly needed to restore the preset to the cc values. But my problem now is that I have lost the option in Cubase’s Remote Mapping Assistant to link to any of the channels apart from the output channel.??
The Oxygen Pro has potentially 36 faders, 32 knobs, 40+ switches and 64 pads, it seems such a waste to be unable to employ them, but the problem this time seems to be in Cubase somehow
It is all so frustrating.
any help would be welcome, thanks.

MIDI Remote in Cubase 12.0.51 is unreliable. If you can, I would revert back to version 12.0.50.
It has been said that a Hot Fix for .51 is to be expected soon.

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