Missing grid staff labels in percussion layout


in my score i have a percussion grid, where the staff labels work fine.
But in the individual percussion layout, i cannot see the labels. The defined space is just empty.

  • Haven’t found a setting to activate labels here.
  • Also switching around between the display modes doesnt help.
  • 5-line staff mode also does not show any legend.
  • A new created layout with the percussion player assigned shows the same problem.

Anyone an idea how to show these staff labels?

Thanks + Best regards,

By default, parts don’t show staff labels. Go to Layout Options > Staves and Systems, ensure that the correct layout is selected in the right column of the dialog, then set Staff Labels to Full (for either or both of the first and subsequent systems).

Percussion legends are layout-specific too, so you’ll need to add one in the part if you want one there.

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Under staff labels in Layout options of the part.


Too late I see.

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Thanks for the very fast solution! That helped!