Missing HALion 6 samples

Hello, all! I hope someone can answer this one.
I recently upgraded my computer with a better CPU, 128GB of RAM, etc. Of course, that meant I had to do a clean install of EVERYTHING - Windows, Cubase, HALion 6, all of it. However, when I started up HALion 6, I noticed that some instruments were missing, most notably a drum kit that was known as “Independent Rock Kit”.
As hard as I tried to find it among all of the different downloads, I couldn’t track it down. As a result, I decided to throw this question to the most reliable folks out there: Cubasers!
So guys, where IS this elusive Independent Rock Kit found?
Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

I think that one is from the HALion Sonic Factory Content Library

You are indeed CORRECT! I found the file in my hard drive archive, loaded it, and now it’s there.

Thank you so much - you are the reason why I have used Cubase for over 20 years!



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