Missing Halion collections?

I hardly ever open Halion Sonic SE. But when I first got Cubase 12 I did play around with it and now when I open it it appears that several of the collections in Media bay are missing. It shows Sonic SE Artist but I’d swear there use to be a Sonic Pro collection along with several others.

It shows some of the ones I installed like Flux, Colors, Amp’d Elektra and Verve but not as extensive of a collection as I first remembered.


Do you have the latest HALion Sonic 7 installed, please?

I originally had SE3 and then installed 7. Although they were installed I went ahead and reinstalled and the same thing. I use to have 3 or so icons that look the same as the HS SE Artist. The others were labeled pro and something else. Maybe I’ve filtered them out by mistake?

Ok, I found a video online and it shows what I use to have as opposed as to what’s available now. Originally I also had HS SE Basic, HS SE Hybrid, HS SE Pro. Were these all melded into 1?

Any idea how to get these back?