Missing Halion One Voices - Help Needed

I use Cubase Artist 6
I have W7 64bit

I recently added Halion One from my installation disc. Don’t know why it didn’t automatically install; thought I didn’t have it! But after installing and rebooting CA6, I started a new instrument track with Halion One and it’s dead empty. I found this on Cubase but my paths don’t match exactly as shown:

https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/kn … ase-6.html

My path is C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 6/VST3 and there’s six files in there; none of which are Halion One. I looked in other similar named files; I’m completely confused. Can someone help me figure this out?

I have the identical problem- just upgraded to CB Artist 6 and no Halion One instruments appear even though I installed it from the additional content. I too posted a query (Where’s Halion) recently and got only one response pointing me to a Steinberg ftp site that had a later version of Halion One but not clear if it was a full install or would fix anything, so I didn’t bother. If you Google the problem you will see a horror show- numerous people that have had the problem, all sorts of “fixes” and you can spend a career reading them, but none that appear to be certain fixes. And there are reports of folks spending trying everything. I am very frustrated because I found a wonderful Midi Editing in Cubase book based on CB4 that comes with a demo disk and uses Halion One. I was so desperate I’ve almost bought a used CB4 in the hopes that CB4 sees Halion, but based upon my reading I’m not so sure and think they even had the problem then. I was going to just substitute HalionSE presets in the demo songs but that’s just about as much hassle, so I’m about to give a try getting CB6 to see HalionOne. Please, please stay in touch and if you find a fix append it and I will do likewise. I did not yet pick the most favorable sounding fix from my Google search but that’s where I’m going to start. May the Force be with you…

Well, I’m gaining on it…

Found a post that said just because you’ve installed HalionOne off the disc, you are NOT DONE.

There are several files in the SAME folder as HalionOne (“additional content”) that contain the presets you MUST ALSO install: Expression, GM Drum, GM Set, Studio_drum set and Studio_set (the post also referred to Pro Set which was not on my disc).

When I dutifully installed all of them, I am happy to say my previous projects that used HalionOne
presets were all loaded in CB Artist and played. Except for a couple- the drums and bass. I’m
wondering if they are in the “Pro Set” which was nowhere to be found. But I can substitute
presets from Halion SE for them.

And there were several other FX/sound processing modules that were reported as missing when I loaded
projects such as Monologue, Spector, Mystic, Envelope Shaper, etc. I’m clueless where they
are. But at least I’ve got SOUND now coming from my prior projects. Very frustrating not
to have it all as the “prior projects” are off a demo disc on how to edit midi in Cubase and gets
into some of the FX plugins I won’t be able to hear unless I (or you) can find out what else to

Anyway, hopefully the foregoing little detail might enable you to at least get some HalionOne
sounds out.

Cheers !