Missing Halion Sonic SE files...

Hello There,

Just switched from Pro Tools to Cubase and bought Cubase 7. I tried to use Halion Sonic SE and whenever I select certain files, mainly those with VST note expression, Cubase tells me that some files are missing…

I do not know how to fix this and the only thing I can seem to find is to reinstall Cubase entirely? Everything else seems to be working fine but I definitely want to use HAlion Sonic SE fort eh VST note expression capabilities…

How do I recover these files? Do I need to reinstall Cubase 7 from scratch?

Is there an installer just for the instrument files? I do not know Cubase well enough to know what else I might be missing.

Any help would be awesome!!!


Aloha C,
Here is a place where you can start:


HTH (hope this helps)

I just noticed that now I am missing Impulse REsponses from the REVrence…

Does anyone know if there an installer JUST for the virtual instruments and impulse responses?

You can reinstall Cubase and see if all content works. I don’t know about Cubase 7 ( I came to 7 from 6, so I only have Cubase 6 DVDs), but in Cubase 6 discs you can find installers for the additional content. Maybe you could try to find them before reinstalling everything.

I am trying not to reinstall everything just to get the missing HALION SONIC SE FILES, as I am in the middle of a project.

Does anyone have an answer as to if there is an installer just or the content of HALION sonic SE?

Thank you!

As in your other post, you can copy / or install it directly from the install disc…

Did you tried this?
halion sonic content.jpg

That worked thank you!

I’m glad to help!

You have also helped me! Thanks a million!