Missing HalionOne banks in C6?


I was a little concerned HalionOne dissapeared, but it appears to have been installed automatically, or maybe it´s just there because I still have C5 installed (the installer is in the additional content anyway so a manual intall is also possible).

Anyway, I just fired it up (first start, no changes) and noticed that a lot of H1 soundbanks are missing.
Just go give you one example, the entire “ethnic” group is gone. I thought I maybe was mistaken so I fired up C5 again, and there they were.

Is this in fact what I should be expecting, or is something wrong (folder references, C5 conflict etc)?

It would be nice to be able to open old projects etc without risking to loose sounds. And besides, I kind of liked H1 in all it´s simplicty (for quickly get started with some rough ideas).

Still awaiting my copy of C6, but this is concerning. I’d read that Halion Sonic SE replaces Halion One - are these preset banks listed in there at all?


If you load a C5 project that uses H1 into C6, it will load and play as before, unless you’ve uninstalled H1. Even if you do uninstall H1 and C5 prior to installing C6, H1 is present on the installer disks for C6 as an option, so everything works fine.

What does not seem to work though is the MediaBay scan of H1 presets (at least I can’t get it to work), which means if you want to start a new project and load a H1 preset, you can’t. This might be intentional as Steinberg want us all to move over to HALion Sonic SE. Seeing as you can load an existing H1 project and it will find it’s own presets fine, you can change each track to use the equivalent instrument in HSSE, then unload H1 and move on from there.

Does anyone know if they have actually removed the full functionality of HALionOne from cubase 6?
I am having trouble getting the rest of the sounds.
The Guitars, piano and drums are there and nothing else.

I did uninstall the HALions SE version. I would like to have the full functionality of HALionOne that I paid for in my studio arsenal ever since Cubase 4.

Is this possible. I am on windows 7 with cubase 6.

Thanks in advance for advise

All HALion One sounds present and accounted for here after I did a rescan in MediaBay in C6. I don’t know why you feel you needed to uninstall HALion Sonic SE though.