Missing Handles - VST Instrument

I inserted an instrument track for my SWAM Audio Modeling Trumpet. I want to go to the solo part of the track and increase the volume there. The other part of the same track is fine. I do not see my handles like I do in an AUDIO track. Any assistance is appreciated

Alan Russell

MIDI parts do not have those handles. Please use Volume Automation instead.

Thank you I will have to get acquainted with volume automation

Does this also apply to instrumental tracks?

Yes, it does. It holds only MIDI data as the MIDI track.

I watched a very good video and it’s seems to be a very easy thing to do.

It absolutely is. Learning about automating parameters (such as volume, pan, send levels to effects, or any parameter on any plugin) will open up a whole world of possibilities!

I would recommend reading the Cubase manual about automation to familiarize yourself with related settings and modes if you haven’t already.

I am more of a visual guy so I choose my videos I want to thank you for your guidance it’s really leading me down another productive pathway

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Reading is a visual thing as well. :wink:

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I think I know the difference

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Yeah, you tell him! :grin:

Do you have a link to your YouTube channel, Alan?

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