Missing Hardware Rack CB12

Suddenly disappeared. Reinstalled CB 11 and Hardware Rack appears without problems? Can anyone help? Using CB12 /11 on Mac M1 Monterey

Are you talking about Channel Racks in the mix console?
I’m not aware of any “Hardware Racks” in Cubase.

Hi, thanks for your response.

Yes in the mixer console channel racks. With UR242 connected there should be a tab above the Routing Tab, Hardware, when selected you get the options to add effect etc for direct monitoring. The tab started to randomly disappear and now doesn’t show at all. I’ve reinstalled CB11 and the hardware tab is there but no longer in CB12.
I also uninstalled CB12 and reinstalled it and the Hardware tab appeared when I opened a project, but only for the first time following a reinstall.

Hope this makes things clearer.

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