missing HD files in Vst Connect Pro session

session done, it says “available HD files 51” but when you try to get files it says “receive file empty”
all files visible in manager window but say “offline”
none visible in recordings window.

running from nuendo, win 7. have used it before and successfully transferred files. the only difference is that was win to win, this time it’s mac to win.

any ideas?

I’m having the same issue.
I can successfully record, but when I click “Get HD Files” it instantly comes up with an error message “receive file empty” and “received 0 of 0 bytes”

Any help please?
Thanks, John.

Is the remote session still active - i,e, is the client still connected?

We recently discovered and fixed a bug in the Performer application which prevented HD file handling to function properly when used without multitrack mode. Let the performer install the new freely available Performer application, connect, and give it a try. Unless the performer has deleted the recorded HD files, they should still be accessible. You have to start with the same Cubase or Nuendo project that you recorded with.

I have the same problem when using the iPad app.
Any update there?