Missing Hidden Dynamic Signpost

In the attached trivial example, I’ve added a forte dynamic at the start of bar 2, added the suffic “molto marc.”, and I’ve hidden the dynamic intensity marking. I sometimes do this in order to easily get the dynamic text font for the “molto marc.” I find this to be easier than using shift-x text.

I would expect a signpost to be created when I hide the dynamic intensity marking in this case, but no such signpost appears. It has been this way for some time — I still have Dorico 3.5 installed and the result is the same there as it is in 4.2. I imagine the reason for the lack of a signpost is that there is no gradual dynamic present, and the logic for creating a signpost for a hidden dynamic intensity probably requires a gradual dynamic to be present.

I would like to request that a signpost be created in this case, just so that I know that there’s a dynamic intensity marking present that’s been hidden. Thanks!

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A signpost will only appear if an item is completely hidden, and in this case, because the “molto marc.” text is still visible, no signpost is required.

Thanks for the reply, Daniel — that certainly makes sense. Perhaps there’s a better way for me to achieve what I want without (ab)using the dynamics functionality. I’ll have to think about that…

It’s way easier now to create paragraph styles that mimic Immediate tempo change, gradual tempo change, dynamic text font… and save them as default. Then shift-x, choose the appropriate paragraph style (or even better, give each of those shortcuts!) and write your marking. Done!


Excellent idea, Marc! I’ve not played around with paragraph styles before, but this sounds like the perfect time to jump in and get my feet wet.

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Creating a new paragraph style worked a treat, Marc. I set the new paragraph style to 10-point, italic, staff relative, and it’s absolutely identical to dynamic text. Much easier to use shift-x text with this paragraph style (saved as default) than adding a dynamic with a suffix and hiding the dynamic intensity. Thanks for the tip!

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