Missing HTML folder for Documentation

I’m trying to track down an issue with CSegmentButton when there are exactly 7 segments. I noticed that the vstgui git had been updated on September 18, 2016. After downloading, I tried opening the index.html file to see if any issues with CSegmentButton had been fixed - the html file gives an error. I then noticed that the html subfolder was missing from the Documentation folder. Is this on purpose? If so, where can I find the latest documentation files?


Hi Will,
if you check out the code via git you have to generate the documentation by yourself with doxygen.
If you want to see what has changed, you now need to consult the git history and read the comments.
But I don’t think that there are fixes for the segment button recently.


Thanks, Arne!

I will post about CSegmentButton if I can replicate with the UIDescriptionTest project.

All the best,