"Missing Impulse Response" file session won't open

Hi guys,

Im hoping someone can help. Because I was having several issues with my computer, I had to do a clean install of my operating system. Fresh install on Mac Osx 10.12 Sierra with new install of Cubase 9.5.

Im trying to open a Cubase file that is very important. Everything begins to load properly including audio files and then all Kontakt instruments get loaded, but before Cubase actually opens up the session I get this error:

“Missing impulse response”
“------if you can’t find the impulse response, please reinstall the plugin using the installer.” (see picture below)

It then has 2 options to “locate” or “cancel”. Unfortunately nothing happens when I press either of the buttons. Cubase just freezes and doesn’t allow me to do anything. I ultimately have to “force quit” cubase.

Does anyone have any possible ideas??? Im very worried as this project is super important. Help please?
Cubase Error Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.45.13 PM.png