Missing instrument

I have the latest version of Dorico and use it on a MacBook Pro or MacPro.
I have a file with 13 Flows and in one flow Flute 2 is missing. It shows up in Layouts and Players and is present in all the other flows. Any thoughts as to how I might retrieve it.

With that player selected, have you confirmed that it is assigned to that flow in the bottom center panel?

Thanks for your reply Dan.
Yes it is selected - for all flows.

Puzzling (At this stage Flute 2 gets a rest in the flow where it isn’t showing up. Not an ideal solution!)

Can you zip the project and post it here?

Sorry. How do I post a zip file?

Zip it and post it here as an attachment…

Does it show in that flow in Galley View? If so, it’s probably just the case that Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves is set to hide empty staves throughout, and Flute 2 doesn’t have any notation in that flow.

I found the problem. Somehow the missing flute part was not highlighted in the flow where it didn’t appear. I eventually checked that.

Sorry to bother the forum! Thanks to those who took the time to think about what was wrong.

Dorico is the most incredible software!