Missing Instruments in NPPE

When I use NotePerformer Performance Engine with either BBCSO or VSL, I see things like this in the mixer:

I have four Horns in the score (something that is pretty standard), but it only looks like 3 of them are being used by the Performance Engine.

Any idea what’s going on?


Perhaps Arne @Wallander will know.
It appears the three horns active in NPPE are sharing one horn sound file among them. That could depend on the sound set you are using.

Can you post a Diagnostic Report just in case that provides helpful info to whoever takes this request further?

That means you have four staves/voices/MIDI channels with horns, but the NPPE slot is set to “Three staves.”

You can increase the NPPE staff setting to “Four staves.” You may need to play back before the mixer updates, visually.


Thank you! I don’t know how to change that letting, but I will look. (Suggestion: 4 would be a good default for horns.:-))

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Thanks for the help.

Not that it seems to hurt, but I am not clear why some instruments show up with multiple staves (two for timpani, two for tuba, two each for all sections strings except Violins I). Is there a reason?