missing instruments on instrument track

A music friend has a problem. He ask me to resolve the problem but I can’t fix it. I’m a mac user he uses windows 10.
When he add an instrument track a lot of the instruments are missing but in the mediabay/sound browser there all available?? Can’t fix this problem. Have tried to manage the VST plugin manager but nothing works.
Please help.

His setup:
Win 10, cubase 9.3.40 steinberg UR44

Can you actually load those same instruments from mediabay/sound browser??
Are they 3rd party or Sb plugs? Name some
Maybe upload some screencaps of PIM etc…you’re giving very little to go on here.

He can load all instruments from the mediabay/soundbrowser. But when he add an instrument track the most instruments are gone.
e.g. he add an instrument track and search for the chorus precision bass, it won’t be found at all. When he opens the mediabay and search for the chorus precision bass it’s been found and when clicking on it it made the instrument track whit this sound. Very strange. He only use the instruments within cubase, no plugin.

That’s not an instrument…it’s a midi loop.

If you want the same sound then you would open Halion Sonic as the instrument and load the Dark Precision sound.

No it’s not a midi loop I open. When I add an instrument track and search for Dark Precision it is not available. Normaly it opens Halion Sonic but it seems to be disappeard. When add an instrument track there is a limmited number of instruments. Halion Sonic se can’t be found.