Missing instruments

Apologies in advance if this has an answer somewhere in Cubase or even Halion…
I’ve installed D4 and with it ‘reinstalled’ Halion Sonic SE.
Loading HALion SE I get a ‘missing instruments’ warning, the Main output has the same name as channel one, all the instruments should be part of Olympus Elements but instrument 2 is Halion SE and instrument 4 doesn’t come up in the play module and is producing no output.
Etc, etc.
The sound components were working so well in 3.5.
How can I uninstall Halion and its sound files so I can start that part of the installation again?

Would you be able to attach a project here that is producing the “missing instruments” warning? What instruments/sample content are you using in your projects - it sounds like you are using more than just the standard HSSE+HSO sounds that come with Dorico.

The flow is a 4 part renaissance reconstruction of only 13 pages but when exporting is 46.1 Mb.
Thus, at this stage the file is too large to upload. It most definitely shouldn’t be.

Could you email the Dorico project file to me at r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de?

And I have been inserting Altiverb 7 into the mix as well.

Thanks for the project file. Would you also be able to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report within Dorico, which will create a zipfile on your computer desktop, and then post the zipfile here (or email it to me if it is too big)?